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El Aiz is available to its customers for technical and graphics for the study and the realization of the dressing of its products.

ELAIZ is pleased to present the new version of its internet site, in order to bring you more ease and better inform you about our company and our products.
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About us

  • Balayeur ELAIZ
  • Atelier ELAIZ Algérie
  • Benne Tasseuse ELAIZ

Founded in 2006, ELAIZ is an independent company focused on an offer specialized industry and superstructures.

ELAIZ working within several agencies located in the North, South, East or West of the Algeria.

To promote the industry and give a new impetus in the field of the collection and/or cleaning, EL AIZ has set as objective the development of industrial technology and the marketing of adequate equipment to satisfy its customers by engaging in the manufacture of equipment adapted to their requirements.

EL AIZ is a leading company in the field of the collection and/or cleanup; in fact our company is the first in Algeria to make the furrow bins of different volumes and with a bucket adapted according to the client’s request, without forgetting to mention that we are the first also has manufacturing:

  • The articulated bucket.
  • The dump has household junk.
  • The arm-roll.

And what makes us most proud it is to have been the first in Africa to make the truck scanner with different capacities.

EL AIZ is having what it are more reliable in industrial machinery and technology in order to provide to its customers best benefits in accordance with the following steps:

  1. The manufacture of equipment components.
  2. Assembly and finishing of the product.
  3. The Assembly of the structure to the wearer.
  4. The marketing of the material.
  5. The assistance of the customer in warranty period.
  6. The maintenance of the equipment and the assurance of the quality of after sales service.

By placing the competence in 1st strategic axis, ELAIZ, genuine original equipment manufacturer products and services gives priority to decline a bunch of occupations covering a wide range of product & services, moving toward the ability to offer a very comprehensive.

This mix of skills enables to take advantage of the complementarily of our activities and thus generate synergies across the company.

ELAIZ is characterized by:

  • Total availability
  • A complementarily of trades
  • A flexible and efficient organization
  • A rigorous coupled with an intensive
  • Financial Independence.