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El Aiz is available to its customers for technical and graphics for the study and the realization of the dressing of its products.

ELAIZ is pleased to present the new version of its internet site, in order to bring you more ease and better inform you about our company and our products.
This new version is also available from your tablets and Smartphones.

Our values

Golden rules

« Safety of persons »
No work must and can be done if it induces an endangering of one of our employees.
We involve each of our employees in our security policy and make aware to the risks inherent in our activities and in their workplace.
We are engaged in a process of “Reliability of the intervention” organized around several tools for securing the context before, during and after the intervention.

« Requirement: quality and rigour »
To bring the service offering the most satisfactory to our customers, we offer a delivery of high quality support by skilled and experienced operators.
We attach importance to the quality of service and the permanent listening to our customers and constraints of their activities.

« Skill and professionalism »
We know that the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our services are based on our business expertise and our sense of service.
Our professionalism is composed of 3 qualities essential are:

  • the jurisdiction
  • the rigor
  • reliability

« Transparency »
We present in our activities, our reports, clear, synthetic analyses and without ambiguities.
Transparency guide our daily work and our communication.

« Proximity and reactivity »
Available, to listen to the market, we offer our clients a complete range of solutions adapted to their needs, through a local service.
Direct contact is established through a permanent relationship with our partners.

« Respect »
In order to promote cohesion, each collaborator must be exemplary with others. Respect for the individual is the basis of the relationship of trust, on which rests a healthy and sincere cooperation.

Company Charter

Principle n°1
« The quality of the product »

Principle n°2
« Spirit of Service »

Guideline n°3
« Corporate responsibility »

Guideline n°4
« Professionalism »

Principle n°5
« Respect »

Principle n°6
« Listening »

Principle n°7
« Diversity »

Principle n° 8
« Progress »


The company EL AIZ resolutely committed to extensive security coupled with an obligation of results policy and based on unifying features.

Each activity of any nature whatsoever entails risk more or less pronounced for human, property and the environment that surrounds it.
In order to minimize the occurrence of these risks, AIZ has built a tight security policy, based on the Respect for the physical and moral integrity of its employees and subcontractors as fundamental and essential commitment pillar.

The strict application of these measures is intended to:

  • Reach the zero accident
  • The physical integrity of persons
  • Designing a quality service by a very good level of security
  • Reduce the risk of damage to property